Pumpkin Soup - Halloween Special

This Pumpkin soup is perfect for when the days are getting colder, it has a hint of spice that will definitely warm you up. We use a similar spice mix in our Carrot & Coriander soup.

The Irish Charcuterie Board

Grab the friends around and enjoy this delicious summer luxury. This Irish cheese board is made using wonderful Irish products. Full demonstration video included!

Pickling Cucumbers & Apple Jam Making

Ever wonder how to make delicious delicious jams and pickles? We’ll this recipe is right for you. Paul’s cucumber pickle and apple jam are cupboard essentials. We have a full video demonstration so don’t miss out! 

Gluten-Free Brown Bread Recipe

A simple classic everyone should have. Gluten-free brown soda bread. Enjoy with Kinsale Bay chowder, one of our soups or pâtés. 

Simple Fish Pie with Brown Butter Asparagus

A hearty and wholesome classic. Kinsale Bays award-winning fish with buttery asparagus.

Easy Cottage Pie with Hasselback Beetroot

A delicious evening meal made in minutes. Paul demonstrates a tasty combination of Cottage Pie with Hasselback Beetroot.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie With Kale Recipe

Delicious Chicken Kale Mushroom Pie with Baked Garlic Butter and Parmesan Mushrooms. Enjoy it for your dinner this evening.

Easy Shepherd's Pie With Feta Cheese Peas

A delicious shepherd’s pie with feta cheese peas and mango chutney. This quick and easy dinner only takes you 10 minutes in the Kitchen!

Smoked Fish Pie with Honey Carrots

 Try this quick and easy recipe using our creamy smokie fish pie and honey carrots on the side. 

Chicken & Mushroom Vol-au-Vent

 Chicken and mushroom vol-au-vent. This gorgeous dish is made using our award-winning mushroom soup, which is used as the base for the sauce. 

Salmon Terrine

 Delicious smoked salmon terrine. This classic is made using our smoked salmon pâté, ingredients that are supplied to us by Irish suppliers.

Healthy Bolognese

 This tasty and wholesome Italian Raju is made using our fat-free tomato and basil soup.

Homemade Nachos

This recipe is simple and an absolute treat at any time. This Mexican classic will not disappoint the family.

Remember there is tax relief on gluten-free products purchased by certified coeliac sufferers. Do not forget to avail of this initiative in-store. Please ask store for details.