Paul de Waard


Food has always been a huge part of my life since becoming a restaurant chef and studying hospitality management in College, food and its preparation was always an area I excelled in. I have a real passion and focus for experimenting with food, creating new dishes and tastes, but sticking to traditional recipes.

I am amazed by the Irish way of preparing food, cooking with ingredients such as beef, lamb, fish, and the many different types of vegetables giving Irish traditional food a unique quality and taste all on its own. The food we produce here at Kinsale Bay is driven by the correct processes and procedures. We only use quality ingredients which gives our products a beautiful taste and flavor. My job is like many others here is incredibly demanding, but rewarding.

I am working with great people from different backgrounds and nationalities where everyone is willing at all times to help and support each other. This is one of the strong talents within Kinsale Bay the willingness of everybody to communicate and support one another, especially in busy times. I want to grow the company through its range of products, while also maintaining our traditional methods and continuing to develop strong relationships with our customers.

Town Hall, Middelburg, Netherlands

Where Paul is from

I am originally from the Netherlands. I have travelled all around the world driven by my passion for food. I worked in Austria in a four-star ski resort, I worked in Australia for a while. I worked in New Zealand, and now I am here in Ireland. My passion for food has always been a great help for finding a job and has helped me to explore the world. 

Town Hall, Middelburg, Netherlands