Kevin Doyle

Production Manager

I started in 2013 in the warehouse and then moved into production as a food operator. I gradually moved up the ranks to production supervisor, and have been in this position for the last 5 years. I am responsible for making sure the day runs as smoothly as possible and the plan for the day is achieved. How does that work? High speed, working closely with Mark, Eleanor in quality control, the production team, and a lot of coffee.

This job is incredibly rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for a second. It’s a great dynamic to be a part of. Likewise, I am a real fan of our product range. There is something incredibly unique and inspiring in producing a food product range, that when you go shopping and see that product range on shelf with our Brand name it makes me incredibly proud of our achievements.

About Kevin

‘I love to travel and have a great appreciation for everything in nature. Animals and wildlife are a real passion of mine. I have traveled the world and do not intend to stop anytime soon’ Kevin Doyle

Inch Beach, Kerry, Ireland

Inch Beach, Kerry, Ireland