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Our Sustainability Plan


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At Kinsale Bay Food Company we believe that if we make fundamental changes now we will create a business model that can continue long term, ensuring sustainability well into the future. This will advance our commitment to the environment, best practices and social responsibility.

We have committed to a 3 year Origin Green sustainability plan where we have implemented new procedures and practices which ensure, we as a company understand our role in the future of our environment. We have undertaken to improve on areas such as energy, water, waste, recycling, health and nutrition and social community.



All our fish and Dairy is sourced sustainably. All our Dairy is SDAS approved. Our Fish is sourced sustainably from suppliers who operate a sustainable fisheries policy which entails supplying species in season, sustainably caught under quota from inshore Irish Fishermen. They also conform with The MCS fishonline ratings

In our first year, with just a few changes in production procedures and mind-set we have reduced our electricity by 17%, our waste by 30% and our recycling by 27%. This is just the beginning and our sustainability journey will continue.

To provide us with an essential framework to support and verify our sustainability strategy and plans, we have become verified members of the Bord Bia Origin Green Programme.