Our fantastic tasters

We also have an enthusiastic team of tasters who every week are sampling our delicious products around the country. Watch out on our Facebook page for weekly tasting locations!
We asked our tasters what they enjoy about being a taster for our company and here is what Anne (one of our dedicated Galway tasters) had to say…

“I enjoy meeting lots of interesting people and love the reaction of customers when they realise how good the Fish Pie tastes!!I love when people constantly liken our products to home made! I really enjoy when customers recognise me and associate me with a good product even when I’m in a different store to where you have been tasting”.

Gina ( one of our dedicated Mayo tasters) – “one of the things I enjoy the most is people saying “well ok” when I ask them if they’d like to taste the product I’m tasting and then seeing the look of pleasant surprise when they find they really like it!”It tastes homemade” is a usual comment or “where can I buy it” and “do you stock it here”.