Gluten Free Soup Recipes

gluten freeSoup is soul food, whether it’s a satisfying bowl of wholesome vegetable soup or a warming cup of carrot & coriander, there is always a flavour to suit any mood.

Kinsale Bay Food Co  looked at our customer’s needs and came up with a range of  gluten free soup recipes that contain everyone’s favourite flavours. After finding the flavours we wanted to craft into our soup range, we took on the task of producing each flavour to the highest restaurant quality.

Soup is the perfect lunch, light dinner or snack as it keeps you fuller for longer. It has been shown that having food blended into a liquid gives a sense of fullness for longer. Great for anyone wanting to reduce their calorie intake or those wanting to make it to dinner with no snacking after lunch. The theory is that food suspended in liquid moves slower through your gut, than food in its natural solid form. Also many people feel that after having a bowl of soup as a starter or snack before dinner, they don’t require such large portions of food during their dinner.

Our gluten free soup recipes:

Vegetable soup– This creamy vegetable soup is packed full of hearty vegetables and garnished with fresh parsley.  Using only locally sourced fresh carrots, leeks, onion, celery and potato we hand craft this velvety soup.

Tomato & Basil Soup- A satisfying Tomato and Basil soup full of rich tomatoes perfect blended with fresh basil leaves. Incredibly this soup is virtually fat-free and gluten free.

Carrot & Coriander– Thick and creamy this carrot and coriander soup is made with a twist. Using premium quality coconut milk, ground cumin and ground coriander. Winner of a gold star at the

great taste awards in 2013.

Mushroom soup– A wholesome & deliciously creamy soup packed full of flavour natural ingredients, made with the freshest Irish mushroom and dairy cream.  Winner of a gold star at the great taste awards 2014.

Potato & Leek Soup-A comforting Irish classic, smooth & creamy soup made with fresh locally sourced potato and leeks seasoned with pepper & bay leaf.

Each gluten free soup recipe has been tried and tested to provide consistently tasty and wholesome soups. We only select the finest Irish vegetables where possible and never use frozen or second rate vegetables.

Mushroom SoupAll our soups are gluten free, either naturally or due to the use non gluten containing ingredients such as vegetables or coconut milk and avoiding wheat flours to thicken the soup or gluten containing vegetable stock. We also make our soups in a gluten free environment, where all ingredients that enter facility are gluten free. This removes the risk of cross contamination.