Coeliac Awareness Week

As it’s Coeliac Awareness Week (8th to 15th May 2017) we have asked our Quality Manager Eleanor to give our followers some insight into the world of gluten free & some questions we all may have!

  • What does gluten free mean?

A gluten-free food is a food that does not contain any gluten, which is a protein composite that is found in wheatbarleyrye.

  • Who should eat gluten free?

Most people who follow a gluten-free diet have coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disease. When gluten is eaten by a person with coeliac disease it triggers an immune system reaction that damages the lining of the small intestine. This means that gluten must be avoided.

  • How many coeliac’s are there in Ireland?

At least 47,500 people have coeliac disease in Ireland but many are not diagnosed.

  • What are the steps that Kinsale Bay Food Company take to ensure that all their products are gluten free?

All ingredients used in the production of our food are gluten free. With the highest standard of diligence we ensure that no gluten containing products are on the production site, to eliminate risk of cross contamination.

  • There are misconceptions between gluten free & lack of flavour in products. How do Kinsale Bay Food Company ensure that all their products are maintaining the flavours & wholesomeness in all their products?

While many people think that gluten free food is lacking in flavour, here at Kinsale Bay Food Company we have developed recipes that are bursting with flavour and texture, which makes eating a gluten free diet an enjoyable dining experience.

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